Create Own Book from Wikipedia Articles with Wikipedia Book Creator


Wikipedia is one of the biggest internet resource (encyclopedia) for any topic you search on. Lot of trustful information with clean user interface makes Wikipedia to stand out. With more than 260 languages supported, Wikipedia english has more than 3 million articles on various topics. The members, contributors of Wikipedia can be anyone with verifiable information. So, with lot of information Wikipedia can be used to create a book with its own wiki pages. Yes, with Wikipedia you can create your own book by collecting set of Wiki pages and turn them into a PDF book.

Wiki Book Creator is a simple tool inside Wikipedia (that many don’t know about) allows you to create a book containing wiki pages of your choice. You can export the book in different formats (for example PDF or ODF) or order a printed copy.

How to Create Custom Books with Wikipedia

I will explain step by step to create your own book from wikipedia articles using the in-built tool called Wikipedia book creator.

First go to the Book creator tool and enable them.

Once you’ve enabled, you can see a box shown above each wiki page

Now when you visit any Wiki page, you can see the box where you can add the currently viewing page to your book.

So, you can keep adding interested pages to create your own book.

Once done, you can click show book that lists out all the articles that you’ve added, you can re-arrange them, structure them using chapters, then download in PDF or ODF format for printing.

Also it will suggest you some more pages to add based on the already added articles to your book. It easy to delete the book and disable the book creator.

Wikipedia Book Creator

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