Turn Windows PC into iPad with iPad Simulator for Windows


You can easily get the iPad interface on Windows PC with iPad emulator. Turn your Windows PC into iPad. You might have heard about these emulators that allows you to experience a different operating system in your computer. You can experience, feel how the iPad interface will look, test the interface from your Windows on the desktop of our PC.

iPad is one of the best Tablet delivers by Apple which runs on the iOS. We all are inspired to use the iPad because of its features and Software. iPadian brings you the environment of the iPad to your desktop (iPad Simulator for windows).

iPadian is a simple portable emulator that runs as an executable, so you do not even need installation, which can turn your PC into the desired iPad. Simply you can put it this way – Useful for an Apple Fan boy who can’t buy an iPad.

Once you’ve installed the iPadian on your Windows PC, the iPadian includes a large collection of applications already preinstalled, among which are some of the most popular and used in iOS devices.

The only drawback of iPadian is that, it doesn’t support app store and you cannot install any new applications on it.

Features of iPadian simulator for Windows :

  • Standalone Adobe air application
  • Full Screen preview
  • Custom App Store
  • Games
  • Free music & videos
  • Webkit browser
  • Support Facebook notification & messages
  • Social Chat

Download iPadian

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  1. The Geek says:

    hey pal. one quick doubt, whether this will be like an application inside the system or it itself can access the data in our system? i meant to ask like, whether this ipadian can read files that are actually in my c drive

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