Toolwiz Care : Performance Tool for Windows


We had discussed alot about Windows freeware tools that includes windows system performance tools, win 7 power tools, system configuration tools and defragmentation tools for hard disk, Windows recovery tools, Malware protector, remover and complete system optimization tools right from cleaning browser history to removing registery errors and more.

Optimizing the Windows operating system is something that should be done regularly, since only in this way is possible that your computer maintains a good performance and we fail when we need it most. However, finding a good tool for this task is not simple, but highly recommended as there are many Toolwiz Care.

Toolwiz Care is a complete comprehensive tool for optimizing your Windows PC. It can boost up the performance because it has in-built 40+ tools that checks your system for errors and cleans unwanted errors and files.

So as to maintain our system running smoothly as long as possible, carrying out preventive work that helps us get the best performance of the system. This freeware Toolwiz Care lets you to check for problems, does a file cleanup, cleans the system registry, improves speed, and offers many programs that boasts up the system.

The Toolwiz Care is a small freeware tool (3.3mb) and once you’ve installed you can run a checkup scan for full system and it will starting showing errors. Toolwiz Care interface has totally 6 tabs namely Checkup, Cleanup, Speedup, Security, Tools and App Manager.

The Checkup helps you to run a free scan and find out the errors in your system. The Clean up tab shows you the list of errors in registry, where you can also disk clean, privacy clean and disk analyze.

The Speedup Tab helps you to optimize the PC completely. It will auto suggest some features to be enabled/disabled for better performance. Apart from the system optimizer, the speedup tab shows startup report about all the startup items and its load time. So you get to know your system boot time (15 seconds or 20seconds)

It also contains an in-built fast defrag tool that provides extreme fast and efficient defragmentation to your hard drives that enables faster loading and high disk performance. The Security tab allows you to find/scan the plugins that you’ve installed in your PC. It will help you to remove unwanted plugins etc.

The network manager under security tab shows the list of apps and items connected to the internet and allows you to enable/disable the item etc. Now comes the Tools tab with list of tools Toolwiz Care provides. It has many useful tools right from basic, advanced and super tools. Some of useful tools that we need are duplicate finder, file recovery, IE manager, Registry cleaner, password generator, File encryption/decryption, password manager, etc.

Finally the app manager tabs has two sub tabs. One is easy way to uninstall programs from your PC and the next sub tab is recommended softwares for PC from Toolwiz Care. The recommended softwares range from antivirus, malware protector, backup softwares, audio/video players, browsers, drivers, download managers, Firewall softwares, and make a note – all these recommended softwares are industy’s best ones and totally free.

Download Totalwiz Care [Must have for PC]

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