Tablets for Old People : MemoTouch


MemoTouch is a tablet device for elderly or senior people in your family. MemoTouch is the only technology available today to help elder people specifically with memory loss. The concept of MemoTouch is simple. You get the Memotouch device + Memo subscription to website. You enter into memo website, feed contents such as todo for older people remember their tasks, such as the time to take medicine, when they go to the doctor or will receive a visit from someone etc. You feed this on the Memo website and hand over the Memotouch device to elder people. The device will show the reminders and stuff to elder people with bold fonts and things so on.

The family members or caregivers can have the Memo account on the website and they can feed the entires remotely at anytime wherever they have internet access. Using remotely, the family members or caregivers choose the features they want Memo to display, and add messages and information. They can see exactly what their loved one sees, including messages, appointments, and reminders.

MemoTouch is a tablet device customized for elder people. For elder people who are new to technology, it can just display very simple. For elders who loves to explore more on technology and tablets, it can display more information such as Calendar with events, ringtone alerts, to-do list, weather condition, phone list with emergency numbers, Pillbox with all the names of medicines, description and when to take them etc. It also adds photo album where elder people can view photo albums in slideshows etc.

Memotouch is completely designed for elder people with no computer experience at all. The caregiver or who controls the memotouch device can feed information from anywhere unless they have an internet connection.

The tablet has numbers, letters and icons to facilitate the life of elder people, who no longer see very well. And speaking of icons, has a unique Touch Memo for emergencies. The display is very simple to understand, even for those not familiar with the tech world. Memo never confuses elders with complicated menus, icons, links, or buttons, unlike other devices. There is also no side effects with Memotouch.

The Memotouch device costs you $299 + you can choose the subscription of memo website to feed content for 6 months or 12 months. Check out other details MemoTouch website.

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  1. Nice post. I will think about giving one of them to my Grandma. The memotouch is first seen by me on your blog, can you please tell me when it will be launched in India.

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