Should You Use an Agency or Have an In-House Developer


The decision to develop your website through a third party agency or in-house is a tricky one. There are both pros and cons to each of the choices; however, many people strictly want to stick to whatever suits them and ignore the associated cons.

In-house Vs. Outsourcing

Your decision to resource your web site will not only affect the cost of your project but also the future growth prospects of the website. It is very important to understand the available choices and their pros and cons.

– You can easily utilize the internal resources in your organization to build the new web project. This can be done the present staff or new employees who have specifically recruited for this task.

– You can choose to outsource the web project to an expert web designing agency that will do the task for you at material and time basis or fixed rate.

In-House Development

If you know that your website will require ongoing support and continuous development, then it will best to proceed with the in-house staff. This will require a financial commitment in the form of equipment, training and salary. However, these rates will be much lower than what you will be charged by an external agency.

The in-house development team will understand the needs in a much better way rather than an external agency. It will also be able to streamline the good features of the web continuously.

In short, the internal web development team will be able to demonstrate a great level of commitment. It will also ensure that the website develops with the passage of time instead of irregular redesigns.


Having an in-house web developer team is not always beneficial for an organization. Initially, the financial commitments may not be suitable if you prefer to have a site development approach. Moreover, the external web development agencies have the advantage when you look for cutting-edge and complex sites.

Usually, external agencies are larger than the in-house web developers. This ensures expert team members for each specific field, for example, usability, accessibility, etc. In addition, there is more pressure on the external agencies to stay up-dated with the developments and innovations. This is because the external agencies focus a lot on competition in the market. With these features, they have an advantage of being placed far above the in-house web developers.

There is also a potential danger in many organizations that in-house web developers might become “institutionalized”. On the contrary, an external web development agency is known to add a fresh perspective, which can easily challenge the in-house preconceptions.

The choice between outsourcing and in-house development is not at all a black and white one. Each organization is unique and has its own specifications according to the needs and functions. Hence, each one of them requires different solution. According to experts, whether you use an in-house team or hire a third party agency, you need to have a “website owner” in the organization.

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