Send Screenshot to Dropbox with Cloudshot


Cloudshot is one awesome screen capture tool that is free. The open source screenshot software Cloudshot allows you to take screenshot in single click and saves the file in the destination folder automatically. It has two types of saving options of your screenshot which you’ve taken. One is saving the screen capture image in your pc, another one is sending them to your cloud storage (ie; dropbox).

It integrates with dropbox flawlessly. Cloudshot is a simple screen capture tool where you can take screenshot of any specific window space and send them to dropbox without hassle. Once you’ve installed cloudshot, just hit the printscreen button and relax. It takes the screenshot, sends them to dropbox (uploads to dropbox) and opens the screenshot image with a dropbox link where you can share them instantly with friends online.

Check this video demo below :

Make sure you have .Net framework 3.5 or higher versions installed on your computer. Then download cloudshot and install it on your machine. Also you should have dropbox installed on your system. Now everything is ready. check the settings panel of cloudshot once and start taking screenshots without any hassle.

You can setup hotkeys and capture screen full window or any particular portion of the window screen. Once it is done, it automatically stores the screen capture image in your dropbox folder and shows an online link to display the image.

If you don’t want to upload the screen capture image in dropbox, you can change it in settings, it will store the image in your mydocuments > pictures > cloudshot folder. It captures to clipboard and saves in mypictures folder.

Features of Cloudshot :

  • Ability to integrate with Dropbox.
  • Ability to take a screenshots of screen region.
  • Ability to take a screenshots of the window (by click in window).
  • Ability to take screenshots of the menus and tooltips.
  • It is also supported by work with multiple monitors.
  • History of recent shots (just 10 shots now).

Download Cloudshot

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  1. Jass says:

    This is cool application and most of it makes sharing very easy by uploading to dropbix. Thanks for providing this great information

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