Remove Distractions, Focus on Webpage Content with Evernote Clearly Extension


Online reading isn’t similar to how you read content on books. Online reading has many distractions, for example if you’ve started reading first paragraph on a web page, before you finish the first paragraph you will end up clicking some links and few minutes later you will wonder how you got there. So for a better distraction free reading, here is a wonderful extension from Evernote team. You all might have knew about Evernote, one stop solution for remebering anything on the web which syncs with computer, tablets and mobile phones.

Evernote Clearly is a small product from the Evernote team. It’s a simple browser extension that clearly does the job of distraction free writing. Clears all the distraction on the webpage and allows you to read, focus only on the content. Evernote Clearly available now for Chrome browser as extension. With one click, Clearly hides all distractions from blogs and articles, allowing you to read in peace.

Giving you a perfect online reading experience, with Evernote Clearly you can save articles and blog posts to Evernote that you want to finish reading later. Once you’ve installed Evernote Clearly, you can visit any webpage and click the clearly icon on your chrome browser. It slides in displaying an alternate view without any distractions such as navigation, ads, or links to other content.

So if you want the original look of the website, you can click on the return arrow and Clearly slides out of the way, so you can continue browsing the site. Also Clearly has a advantage, suppose if you’re viewing a multiple page article and if you click Clearly, it puts them all into a single page view. No more clicking from one page to next.

Clearly offers three beautiful theme options:

Newsprint: Like reading a newspaper
Notable: Clean modern look
Nightowl: Dark background, perfect for nighttime reading

Go into the extension preferences and create a custom theme. You can customize just about everything in Clearly from fonts to colors to alignments.

Currently Evernote Clearly works only with chrome and for Firefox users, you need to wait a little.

Download Evernote Clearly for Chrome

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