How to Install Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard on Optimus One, Samsung Galaxy Phones


The latest version of android is called Ice cream sandwich version 4.0 which has been rolled out to Google Nexus S phones few days back and it comes pre-installed on Galaxy Nexus phones. If you have seen the video reviews of Galaxy Nexus or on Nexus S phones, the Ice cream sandwich keyboard has new features when compared to gingerbread keyboard. Unfortunately, Google isn’t rolling out the update Ice cream sandwich for LG, HTC, Samsung Galaxy android phones. You can skip the wait and install the Ice cream sandwich keyboard right away on your Optimus one, HTC and Samsung galaxy phones.

Installing the new Ice cream sandwich keyboard on your android phones is so simple. All you need to do is, just download the ice cream sandwich keyboard app from the android market and install it on your android phones. This keyboard is only compatible with phones and it doesn’t play nice with tablets. So, don’t try on tablets such as Samsung tab or honeycomb tablets.

Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard app for android allows you to get the Ice cream sandwich keyboard effect on your android phones which runs gingerbread and the previous versions. It features a multi touch keyboard with user dictionary and in-built dictionary.

The redesigned layout and keyboard style has a configurable auto correction and also has a Speech to text feature. It supports languages such as English, French , Hebrew, Arabic, German, Czech, Bulgarian, Catalan, Spanish, Esperanto, Danish, Italian, Finnish, Georgian, Russian, Ukrainian, Latvian, Swedish,Latin, Dutch, Portuguese, Slovakian, Slovenian, Greek,Serbian, Hungarian,Swiss.

Once you’ve installed the ICS keyboard app from the market, Go to your homescreen > press the menu button > settings > language and keyboard settings > check in the box next to Ice cream sandwich keyboard > Ok. Now you’ve selected the ICS keyboard in your android phone.

When you type in SMS / EMail, open the input box (where you type) – long press and input method option comes, there you can select the ICS keyboard option. You’ll know you’re using the ICS keyboard when you see the punctuation and autocorrect suggestions in blue instead of orange (shows in gingerbread)

You need to long press “Enter” key to bring up smiley alternatives and long press on “/” key in URL mode to bring up domains. This ICS keyboard app is free and it also has a paid version where it supports themes, custom background image, autospace after punctuation, alternative layouts, gestures etc.

Download Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard app [Free]

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