How to Install Google Wallet on Samsung Galaxy Nexus Without Rooting


Google wallet is not officially on Samsung Galaxy Nexus. So you need to previously root your Galaxy nexus phone to install the Google wallet. Picturing what is Google wallet ? It’s an virutal wallet app that can be used for in-store and online shopping. Got it ? Now let’s come to the topic. Installing Google wallet on Galaxy Nexus was pain before because you need to root your android phone, flash some files and then only Google wallet will work. Now here is an easy method to get Google wallet on your device without rooting.

The member (lukegb) from XDA forum has released a package Google wallet apk file that you need to download and install. That’s it. If you’ve got a Galaxy Nexus that hasn’t had Google Wallet yet, then you can install the apk file easily. For whatever reason, the app works well with people in U.S than abroad.

With the successful installation of Google wallet on your Galaxy Nexus device you get a free 10$ worth prepaid MasterCard credit in your Galaxy Nexus device. Now you can go out and buy something without having to take your actual wallet.

It works both on GSM Galaxy Nexus as well as the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. The installation process is so simple. First make sure your Galaxy Nexus is running on android 4.0.2 or above in order to work this method.

Before you install the apk file, you need to make few changes in the settings. You should allow installation of non-market apps. So, go to settings > security > check the box nex to unknown sources option.

Now from your Galaxy Nexus device, visit the XDA forum thread and click the apk file link, install it directly on your Galaxy Nexus device.

That’s it. For Non-U.S friends, first you need to root your Galaxy Nexus device, then Grab Market Enabler from the Android Market and install it. Run Market Enabler and set yourself as “US T-Mobile”. Finally open the apk file from the thread, install it and run it.

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