How to Get Windows 8 Metro UI on Windows 7


The new Windows 8 has a Metro UI which you can see on Windows phone 7. The new Metro User interface is a modern interface with lot of user interaction. If you want to try the metro UI on your Windows 7 PC, then you can try via a free app Metro 7. With Metro 7 app, you can make Windows 7 look like Windows 8 for Free.

Metro 7 is a free app that allows you to turn your Windows 7 PC into Windows 8 Metro style user interface. You can able to access the metro7 store and add widgets which looks like a Windows 8 screen. You get access to important apps, weather widgets, shortcut to facebook, twitter etc.

With the email widgets, you can receive emails directly to your desktop and you can reponsd from your Windows start up. Open favorite websites and apps with one single click. Pin the best ones to your renewed desktop.

You can also customize desktop elements of the brand new Metro UI faced Windows according to your personal needs and working purposes with Metro7 Store for free.

All you need is .Net framework 4.0 and install Metro 7 app on your Windows 7 PC. Once you’ve installed, you can go to Metro7 Store inside the Metro7 application and install the widgets you like. They are all free.

Download Metro 7 app

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