Hear Who is Calling : Voice Caller ID for Android


Usually on android if there is an incoming call, it displays the number and the incoming ringtone sound when some one calls. This app passes the text to speech where it will speak the caller ID info searching for contact name in your agenda and if not found, will speak the number of the caller (digit by digit).

Who is Calling app for android passes text to speech and uses the android’s in-built text to speech engine to speak the caller ID when some one calls you.

There are lot options to customize the app such as whether you want to reduce the ringtone when the caller ID talks, change the voice pitch, whether to call out the each by name, middle name, last name amount of times to repeat information, the volume level, regular rate and rhythm of the voice, accompanied by a tone phone, mute the voice when you shake the Android during the call and more.

Apart from passing the text to speech contact, one thing I found useful is shaking the phone turns into a slient mode. Yes, it has the ability to make the phone silent when there is an incoming call. if you shake your phone during incoming call, it turns into silent mode. You can set the speed of shaking, how many times to shake and also flip to silent option.

It has an option What to say and when. You can set text that will be speak if there is no Caller ID information or unknown caller. Also set text that will speak before caller ID and text to be speak after caller ID.

The TTS options will let you change the pitch rate, audio stream the caller ID will be spoken, speed at which the text is spoken and the language to be used to speak caller ID.

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