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Today we have an interesting free desktop application that allows you to create interactive ebooks and publish them to Android and iOS devices. The eBooks which you create can be animated with videos, images and audio clips. Simply import from your computer, create an animated ebook with this simple app and publish it to android and iOS devices. Very much useful for kids to learn a story in a interactive way.

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Moglue is a simple desktop app that helps anyone to create an interactive animated story book and publish it to android and iOS devices as apps. Easy tool with simple user interface. No programming knowledge required. Anyone can start creating it. It has a great potential to be a great way for students to build interactive stories.

Moglue says ” It provides a platform which enables anyone to quickly and easily create interactive ebooks for platforms such as the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android tablets and Android phones. The content is made once, with an easy to use UI. No programming required. ” Check out the Moglue demo below.

All you need to do is, first download the Moglue to your computer and install it on your desktop/laptop. It supports on both Mac and Windows. Once you’ve installed, the simple drag and drop interface lets you to create animated books easily. You can import images, videos and audio clips from your computer.

You can bring your story to life by dragging customizable actions or physics onto your objects; make leaves that can be flicked away with a finger or stockings that swing from a chimney when you tilt your device. With the live preview option, you can check how the app comes out well on android, iOS devices instantly.

Finally, you can then share your story by publishing it to our new store application,the Apple App Store and the Android Marketplace.


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  1. Vlad says:

    Cool stuff.I’m keen on creating apps though I’m only a novice in programming but that doesn’t prevent me from making complex and profitable apps.I’m using and consider this service to be the most flexible concerning design opportunities among its competitors.

  2. Denis says:

    Interesting, I’ve been meaning to get into developing apps. A buddy at my site actually developed a couple drive-safe apps! Anyway cool post!

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