Find Out Who Removed You on Google Plus Circles


We have already told you how to find out who removed you from Facebook. Similarly, there are tools to find out Who Unfollowed you on Twitter. Now with the new kid on the block ‘Google Plus’ here is a quick way to find out Who removed you from Google plus circles. Many people wouldn’t mind knowing who unfollowed or removed them from friends circle, but for those who are interested to check on their real friends, can use this tool.

Find Who Removed You from Google Plus Circles

It is easy to find out who removed you from Google plus circles. With a simple chrome extension, you can easily get notified when some one removes you from their circles. Here is a step by step instruction.

Kynetx is a platform that provides you to build browser apps. It has collection of browser apps on various categories.

The Google minus is a simple browser extension for Chrome that allows you to find out who removed you from Google Plus cricles. Before installing Google minus from Kynetx, you need to install Kynetx app for chrome.

Now once you’ve installed Kynetx app for Chrome, you can go to Google minus and install it. This extension will notify you each time someone removes you from their circles on Google+.

You just need two things to be done. First installing Kynetx app for Chrome and then Installing Google minus extension from Kynetx app gallery. When you click the Google minus app for Chrome, it automatically installs the Kynetx chrome app first and then continues with Google minus app installtion.

That’s it. You can start using Google+ asusal and when some one removes you from their circle, you get notified.

Download Google minus

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