Dropbox Clone with 10GB Free Cloud Storage


Dropbox is one of the best web inventions that offers cloud storage, sync with devices and share files with anyone anytime. Only drawback of dropbox is that it offers only 2GB of storage space and if you refer a friend you can add up maximum 250MB extra. After that you need to pay a monthly payment for extra storage. But if you’re looking out for a dropbox alternative with high storage capacity, then CX – dropbox clone that offers its users 10GB free storage for signup and you can expand it up to 16 if you bring some friends.

CX is similar to dropbox, a cloud storage service that offers upto 10 gigs of storage space free and application for Mac and Windows, as well as mobile versions. It offers communication in groups: to synchronize files being friends, working groups, etc. You can share photos with family and receive feedback on each file. So these are the two interesting features of CX – file sharing and public comments which brings social discovery file system.

Even if you’re using dropbox, you shouldn’t forget to try CX as it offers upto 16GB of free storage space. You can also use it as a secondary backup for files. It also has 256 bit encryption, redundant backups and firewall protection keeps your data safe in the CX cloud.

Just download the tool for your device and installation is very simple. Regarding sync across devices, it supports Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and soon it will support android devices too. CX can be used as a collaborative tool, if you share a file, CX users can comment on it too.


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  1. Marc says:

    If you want to give SpiderOak a try (better security and more free space than dropbox) use this referral code:


    It will give both of us an extra gigabyte of space for free.

  2. Jass says:

    Thanks for sharing this cool site. I have tried it and its amazing to store 10 GB data on it but its sync software is not and doesn’t work proper way. I installed and started sync folder but after uploading 3 to 5 files its shows an error message.

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