Create, Send Group Emails with eMailDodo Group Email App


Sending Group emails is a tough task unless you know the trick to send it quickly. Normally it is easily add bunch of people to a single email using cc or bcc. But, if you’re in a position to send lot of emails regularly to the same set of people everytime and there is a chance that you may miss any of them anytime. So using a group email app can be very much useful that lets you to do the job without any hassle and mainly avoids mistyping of email address sometimes.

eMailDodo is a simple web service that lets you to send group emails without any hassle. It has lot of features for free. With a simple free signup, you can access eMailDodo all its features. Once you’ve signed up, you can create different groups and add members to it.

You can add email address, names, phone numbers into groups. You can set permissions to group members. Once you’ve added members into groups, you get a unique email ID from which you can send emails to the groups frequently without any issues.

Apart from emails, you can send questions and receive answers from specific groups. You can create a poll and send question poll to the groups and receive answers from them. You can also easily track who has answered what. Alternatively, you can add members via a spreadsheet mode and import/export them anytime.

To send email you just need to use your eMailDodo group email address. Suppose if you create a group called applefans, then you get an unique email address such as Your email message will be sent to all email addresses in the group. It is a centralised group emailaddress which can be used to email everyone from anywhere, on any pc or mobile. So, no more incorrect and incomplete local groups on your pc or messy Reply-to-All from old emails.

With the free program, one can add upto 50 members in a group and can create upto 10 groups. It also offers premium service with unlimited options. Sending emails has two options 1. via your own email such as Gmail, Hotmail etc. 2. You can send emails from EmailDodo itself. At first sight, it will be confusing. When you try it, it is easy and must have app for email addicts.


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