Collections Of Cool Facebook Apps For Better Fans Engagement


So, you are a tough-to-please guy, like me and want to jazz up your Facebook presence a bit and thankfully, there is no such dearth of Facebook applications. You might have bumped into some of them earlier but like most of us, you may have failed to realize how powerful they can be at times. So, to make your tryst with Facebook a little bit more romantic, here we are going to share some cool Facebook apps. Let’s drill down the details a little bit more:

YouTubeApp: Those of you who have a YouTube Channel would definitely want to integrate some amazing YouTube videos right inside their Facebook fan page. If this is your case, YouTubeApp can only salvage your ambition. This is a pretty normal application that will let you post your newest videos rights on the fan page in just two simple clicks. Just go to and choose the page where you want the app to get installed and you are done with.

Booshaka: If you like to reward more than one Facebook fan in a week for active participation, this application comes as a huge relief. The good part of this application is that it comes with a point based system and when you install this app, it will automatically create a new tab named – Top Fans. Most active fans will get reorganized for their hard work at the end of the week. You will have all the stats of the fans listed therein and can have a detailed analysis how they have participated in the discussion etc. Points can be achieved by posting on walls, comments and likes. To install this app, you need to go to and click on the install button.

Fan of the Week for Pages: There is no better way you can encourage participation of your visitors on your Facebook fan page. This App will analyze all the details pertained to participate and will automatically post a Shout Out at the end of the week. The most active fan will shot to fame though for a week and this will certainly give other fans a reason to stay active on your fan page. Basic version is free but if you are trying to get some features, paid version is also available. To add this application, you need to go to and choose the fan page you want to add and there you are done with.

NetworkedBlogs: if you do not have enough time to post updates on your facebook fan page yet you want to make it look fresh, NetworkedBlogs is the way to go. However, just a few months ago, Facebook had withdrawn its support from this app, it is working fine and saving human work hours. This application will pull title, description and first picture from the blog RSS feed and post it on your Facebook fan page. Setting up this app takes little or no time. All you need to do is to go to and make some minor tweaks in the settings and there you go.

Contact Me: Do you like to add a fancy contact form to your Facebook fan page? If yes, ContactMe is probably the best and the finest facebook application you are looking for. With it, you will be able to add many different fields and customize the look and feel the way you like. Go to and start experimenting.

Livestream: This is another addictive Facebook application that will let you bring live video events to your Facebook fan page. This will surely add an added dose of interactive elements onto your fan page and you will see better engagement. Go to and click on the get started button and the roller coaster ride will start in a second.

Post Planner: Though there are over hundreds of applications available that can be schedule your posts to Facebook, none of them is as much powerful and feature rich as Post Planner. With this revolutionary Facebook app, you will be able to schedule even images, videos and other applications. However, this application is not free. You need to fork out a nominal amount – $4.95/month to be able to use this but given its innumerable features, you can spend at least this much. Just visit – – for more information.

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