Check If Your Email Account is Compromised with Pwned List


We had written about plenty of security tips on how to set passwords for email accounts, social networking accounts and as well as how not to let hackers enter into your online accounts. Now one step ahead, if you want to check if your email account or your social networking username is compromised ? You can check it with a simple tool called Pwned list, which is created by a group of security researchers.

PwnedList is a tool that allows an average person to check if their accounts have been compromised. Have your accounts been compromised? Find out. All you need to do is, just enter your email ID or username and the tool checks it with its huge database of compromised email accounts and usernames. Currently the database serves more than 4,981,012 entries. Around 70% of this is composed of email addresses while the other 30% is usernames.

The email address which you enter to check doesn’t store in their database or they don’t sell it to any other third party sites. If you’re not comfortable entering your email address directly, the Pwned list tool supports SHA-512 hash of your email/username as input.

Once you’ve entered your email address or username, you get to know whether your account or ID is present in their database or not. Also the database of Pwned list is updated every 24 hours.

Pwned List

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