Best Photo Sorter Images into Folders based on their Resolutions


We have seen lot of image editing apps and image resizing tools that allows you to edit and resize, crop photos. But photo organizing app is a must if you deal alot with images. There are lot of free photo organizing app that sorts photos based on their name, when they taken etc. This tiny sort software ‘Dimensions 2 Folders’ photo sort app sorts images into folders based on their resolutions.

Dimensions 2 Folders is a small free photo sort app that lets you to sort images into folders based on their resolutions. You don’t have to install anything. Its a portable app – simply choose a source folder, a destination folder, set your options and click the Go button.

It can scan through the source folder’s sub directories, allows custom formatting of images based on their resolutions etc. With single check you copy the original images in the destination folder. Finally it has 3 types of sorting. Sorting all the images based on their resolutions will create a folder for each image resolution and organize the images into those folders.

You can also set predefined resolution size and you can sort the images which are of only that size resolutions. So it checks all the images and if any image matches your predefined resolution size, then it organizes it.

You can also sort the images/photos based on the aspect ratio. It allows you to sort images that match certain aspect ratio.

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  1. Domitori says:

    There is also img-find script that can help with image organizing.

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