aTunes : iTunes Clone for Windows


By now you must have aware of iTunes, heavy usage software that most Windows users don’t like because it’s not smooth, takes time to load and consumes lot of RAM resources. iTunes is a small piece of software by Apple that is used as a player for listening to music which you can put your music files to iPod. With iTunes you can transfer music from your computer to Apple products.

Similar to iTunes, there is a clone for Windows, Linux machines. aTunes is a free alternative to iTunes that has similar features of iTunes but light that you can install on any computer regardless of operating system and a light weight music player.

aTunes can manage all your songs, videos – create playlist and organize your music collection effectively. Once you’ve installed aTunes, select your music folder which contains all the music files, aTunes will search for your songs, open the main window, and display your songs from within the repository.

Then, you can create your playlist, rename, add songs, delete playlist etc. It has different mode of listening music, you can use karaoke mode, shuffle mode, repeat mode, you can also listen to the radio station.

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