Alternative to TinEye to Find Similar Images on Google Image Search


TinEye is one of the best reverse image search engines for photos that allows you to find similar images based on the content. Previously we had told you about TinEye, a unique way to search for related images and a simple chrome extension based on TinEye for quicker search.

Today we have a similar tool that does a reverse image search with a single click. Src-Img is a simple bookmarklet that interfaces with Google Image Search to help you find the original source of the images. It works this way – You need to put your query on Google image search and open a image, you could find Src-Img tatoo over your search image, when you click the src-image logo, you will be taken to a new tab with similar images.

Thus if we find an image that does not meet the requirements we need, we can use that same image to find other same or similar image quality or size, as we do with TinEye. Src Img, becomes an alternative to find similar images on Google when TinyEYE or any other way that we use does not give us the expected results.

Img Src-allows us to seek and find the original author of the picture and see if the photo originates meet higher standards of quality.

Src-Img Bookmarklet

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