7 Safety Tips To Use New Facebook Timeline


The New Facebook Timeline has been rolled out to all the users and any user can install it, when voluntarily. If you still wondering about What is Facebook timeline, then you can find it here.

If you still feel that the new changes made in Facebook interface and so called timeline may compromise your privacy, then here are few tips that I think its worth learning about the new timeline. With the new timeline and few additional features from Facebook this time, you can add more privacy settings to your profile.

Facebook timeline displays your updates in a chronological order, so you can easily check for your updates as in correct date, month and year. If you want to hide some of your previous shared items, like links – you can just click on the pencil icon and hide it from your timeline, so it would be easier for you to quickly hide things from your profile as well if you want to look out for stuff from your friends profile, you can find it easily as status updates are displayed in chronological order.

The visibility of updates and posts can be easily customized. You can easily set the visibility from the menu that appears just below the space to insert the text. This new privacy option is operational since Facebook began to authorize the use of lists, so that the user can sort your contacts into lists and then choose certain authorized users to see their status updates. If you have the habit of creating lists on facebook such as friends list, college, school and related stuff, then you can set the visibility based on that. If nothing is set, you can also set visibility for specific indivuals by typing their names. Or exclude visibility from certain people on your friends list.

If you want to know the things you did on facebook, you can quickly check out from your Activity log, where it records all the stuff that you did from your account such as liking a page, liking a status update, shared links, commented on updates, photos/videos shared etc. Only you can see your Activity Log. The activity log helps you to review and choose who sees everything you’ve shared – from today back to when you first started using Facebook. You can learn here more about Activity log.

If you want to highlight some of your posts when your friends come and look into your profile, you can simply highlight them, star it as featured in your profile, then the post would go in full view in your profile. It will appear as full view. Check out the screenshot below.

Few points above, we talked about the visibility, same thing goes with the photos and videos which you upload or share. You can set the visibilty options for your media files.

The new timeline is even more visible the option to geotag status updates.

Finally if you have set privacy settings according to the lists which you’ve created, suppose for example if you have created a list for office friends, school friends and you want to cross check how the privacy settings look from their profiles, you can do them easily with a option ‘View as’.

From your profile view, click the view as and enter the friends name or list name. Check the above image.

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  1. Odesanya Taiwo says:

    The design of quite good but I think I prefer the old one

  2. Mohd Akbar says:

    I’m glad Facebook Timeline is adding this new features. And thnx for sharing this post.3:)

  3. Charles Darnay says:

    The new Facebook TimeLine has brought up so many changes in all aspects resulting it out to be much better place for users to visit on..

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