5 Blogging Habits That You Need To Renounce


Bloggers are all alike. The commit the same mistakes and they do not want to learn from the mistakes at the same time and the result is quite expected. Some bloggers stop writing all of a sudden and other take a long leave from the profession. Now if you do not wish to belong to the same league and want progress steadily toward becoming another successful bloggers, you need to renounce are some common habits that most bloggers share in general.

Lets have a look:

Gets Distracted

This is quite a common problem with everyone around. Once you start blogging, you have the urge to check the status of the traffic in analytics. However, this is not bad, but still there is no point in checking the same data hundred times a day as this will lead to wastage of time and effort. Moreover, it will come as a distraction and you will lose your focus while writing. The quality of writing can also be affected if you continue checking the stats or submit to the temptation of logged into facebook. If you do not feel like writing, you will be better off leaving the desk. Get some fresh air instead.

Not Replying Comments

It is another vice shared by almost all bloggers be it new or veteran. I have come across really great blogs and have seen posts with many comments but no follow-up by the writer. This is pathetic. If people care to go through your post and then take the pain to post a valuable comment onto it, it is your sole responsibility to reply them back. Just a reply from your side will show them that you care for them even if you disagree with them. It will make the post more engaging and interaction between users and writer will increase which will certainly augur well for the blog.

Inconsistent Posting

You should make a point that you will publish at least 3 posts in a week. I have seen some bloggers who start blogging enthusiastically but when they see that their efforts are not materializing at least monetarily, they stop posting all of a sudden or cut down on the frequency on posting. Try to maintain a consistency in the posting.

Give Credit Where It is Due

There are some bloggers, who live like a parasite and go on copying and pasting ideas of others, but never accept that. This is pathetic. Now, if you have been inspired by some works of others, it perfectly makes sense that you are giving him/her the credit. It will create a good ecosystem and you will never been tagged as a trickstar for stealing the concepts of others. If you are using images from Flickr or any other image sharing sites, I suggest put the name of the photographer at the end of the article. If you follow this practice, it will save you skins in numerous ways.

No Proofreading

Everyone hates proofreading his or her own article but sadly enough our financial condition do not allow us recruit an editor who will deal with these small tasks. Once you complete an article, you should read the content at least twice to make sure that the post does not contain innumerable errors that could tarnish your online reputation.

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  1. Content is really a king! Your post needs to be informative in order to engaged your readers. Very nice tips and thanks for sharing.

  2. Mohd Akbar says:

    Thank you very much for these information. This post given me great ideas. Great job, keep it up.

  3. *No Proofreading* sayz ur post – but it has the sub-head *Not Relying Comments*
    not practicing what u preach?

    but good tips. thanx

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