5 Best Search Engines for Photos


Are you looking out for best site for image search ? Before looking out third party image search engines, I would strongly recommend Google Image search where you can get the best out of it by using hidden preferences, filters & features of it that will make you search images like a professional and let you find the best images possible. Also there are many top image search sites that allows you to find great photos or perfect pictures for your image search query.

Here we will talk about external image search engines apart from the biggies like Google image search, Yahoo image search, Bing & Ask Image search engines.


One of the top image sharing websites where you can find high quality photos with copyrights reserved. But most flickr users offer their work under Creative Commons License which means you can use their content with some rights reserved. It has three different sections such as Most intersting, Most recent and relevant ones.


Photobucket is one of the biggest photo sharing and image hosting website that allows anyone to host their images for free. If you’re holding some large images, you can host it here that may reduce some bandwidth for you. Also you can find lot of images based on your queries.

Getty Images

Getty Images is a Popular image search website that offers stock pics, stock photo search engine where you can find royalty free images.


An innovative image search engine that serves millions of images. Picsearch uses its own technology to crawl the web and has created a searchable index of images. When a user sends a query to Picsearch the result is received as a set of thumbnail images that are sorted to ensure that they are as highly relevant as possible. When the user clicks on a thumbnail they are linked to the original web site where that image is located.

Elzr Images

Elzr Imagery the tagline says ‘Search images here, with superpowers.’ Cool interface with tabbed search interface.

If you have been using any other image search engines specially for photo search, then do let us know in the comments.

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