5 Best iPhone 4S Accessories You Should Know


With the latest model of Apple Phone, the iPhone 4S where S stands for its voice control or virtual voice assistant Siri – the Apple iPhone 4S comes with lot of new features iOS5 and there are lot of hot accessories to dressup your new iPhone 4S. Normally some of the apple iPhone 4S accessories which can add more zest to your iPhone 4S are iPhone 4S cases, bluetooth accessories, docks, headphones, chargers, speakers, remote, etc. Today we got you some best iPhone 4S accessories that can be used with your 4S.

They are not special accessories that can work only with iPhone 4S alone, it can also be used with previous versions of iPhone models. But they are totally cool and awesome. You should check out.

iPhone 4S Camera Accessories

With this 8X Telescope lens with Hard Case for iPhone 4S is one of the best camera accessories that you should have for your gear.

Want to get a little bit closer shot? This tiny gadget will increase the focus of your iPhone lens upto 8 times. You can present this to any budding photographers. If you don’t hold the phone properly then image doesn’t come out so well. Instead, you can use some tripod kind of stuff for iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4S Wireless Speakers

The AQ Smart Speaker with Airplay is a totally wireless and totally portable audio system – it can play all your audio and media anywhere around the house and garden direct from your Smartphone using your existing WiFi network. With over 10 hours of playback, AQ smart speaker is what all you need.

iPhone 4S Bluetooth Accessories

Jambox is the smallest, best-sounding wireless speaker and speakerphone on the planet. Just place it anywhere in a room to stream pristine wireless audio from any Bluetooth device.

Jawbone 1 NoiseShield Bluetooth Headset :

The bluetooth headset has a style, fashion and super design. Also has a noise cancelling technology resulting in excellent audio quality. One of the best looking headsets for your iPhone 4S.

Apart from this, you have external bluetooth keyboard for your iPhone 4S and many other bluetooth accessories.

iPhone 4S Cases Accessories

The iPhone 4S colorways case creates a kaleidoscopic pattern, mixing contemporary lines and bright colors. It comes with a three piece modular case, so you can connect the pieces to create your own color theory.

The ZeroChroma Teatro iPhone 4S case is a must have one. It has 14 angle rotating like a theater stand, so that you can rotate it to any direction and best for watching movies. You don’t have to hold the phone in your hand. Apart from watching videos, movies, you can use it for Facetime, gaming and also use it with external keyboard.

Still there are lot of best accessories for iPhone 4S in various categories such as head phones, remote, music station, wireless charger and more. We will see all that in the next part of iPhone 4S accessories.

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