4 Best Recommended WordPress Plugins for Beginners


As a beginning blogger, you probably chose WordPress because it is easy to use and flexible. Even if you don’t know a lot about blogging and websites, you probably had heard that there were a lot of great possibilities with WordPress.

One of the things that makes WordPress so great for beginning and experienced bloggers a like is their plugins. There is a plugin for almost everything, and for most things, there is more than one plugin to choose from. But of all of these plugins, which ones should you choose?

It can be a daunting selection process. There are simply so many of them, and once you pick one, it can be difficult to know which one will be easiest to use as a beginning blogger. The following four WordPress plugins are powerful, helpful and easily mastered by newbies.

All in One SEO Pack by Yoast

Search engine optimization is very important if you want people to actually see your blog, and it is even more important if you want to make money off of all of your hard work. It is difficult enough getting a hang of blogging on a platform like WordPress, and you might not have the time to learn SEO on top of that.

You need an SEO plugin, and this one by Yoast should be it. It is easy to use and it provides you with fields and tools to set up many things that can impact SEO for your blog. Like the name says, it is almost everything you need in one convenient Plugin.

Contact Form 7

Even though you are a beginning blogger and you may not have very many readers, you need to give your readers a way to get a hold of you. If you don’t, you may miss out on great opportunities, like chances to do paid reviews, write paid posts, do guests posts or even accept a book deal. You may not just want to splash your email address all over the web, that makes it super easer for spammers to snag your email address and paste it onto their list.

Contact Form 7 can help with that. By using a contact form instead, you are still keeping yourself accessible, but you aren’t leaving your email address floating around the web for just anyone to take. This plugin lets you have multiple contact forms for multiple emails for different purposes, letting you funnel all of your offers for jobs into one email and visitor suggestions to another.

Note : 7 Tips to Optimize Contact Forms


Spam in blog comments can turn into a big problem. The more popular you blog is, the more potential spammers will find you. The more spam comments they leave, the more real people will be spooked away from leaving comments on your blog. Also, managing a ton of spam comments can eat up a lot of valuable blogging time.

This plugin is designed to help shift the spam out of the real genuine comments. Spam comments aren’t totally deleted once detected, but they are pushed aside for you to later determine if they truly are spam or someone with an unfortunate name like “Top Online Casino” who has some trouble with the English language.

WP Super Cache

Sometimes it can be frustrating waiting for a webpage to load. If it is too sluggish, a visitor may often decide that it isn’t worth the wait and simply navigate away from the page to something else. You don’t want that sluggish page that is skipped over to be your blog!

This plugin creates a static copy of your page, which makes it load even faster. If you start to become super successful, you will need this, as otherwise your page may end up not loading at all. Incredibly fast, reliable webpages are something that visitors love, and if you can deliver that, they will keep coming back.

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