3 Reasons Why Blog Is A Must For Any E-commerce Website


Lots of owners of e-commerce websites are totally targeted on making seo for their money website and pay little attention to official blogs of those websites or don’t have official blogs at all. And that’s a serious loss in terms nowadays Internet world because having high quality blog brings lots of benefits and the most important ones are getting tons of potential clients, improving popularity of your brand/product and of course gaining valuable links to the main project.

1. Get Additional Traffic With Your Blog

Having a two-year experience in working with e-commerce website I perfectly understand how much traffic you can get with official blog of the company you deal with. And the reason is quite simple: there are such keywords in every niche that are not being targeted by the main website. To be specific, I work for Jammer Store Company, the biggest manufacturer of cell phone jammers and other equipment that is used to block radio signals, main website and its inner pages rank high for all the e-commerce keywords in the niche, but there are tons of keywords, e.g. “how to block cell phones in schools”, that are not quite relevant to the main website. And that’s where official blog becomes really helpful.

Optimizing main pages for such keywords is not wise due to large number of such keywords, but making a blog post on the official blog that will be optimized exactly for this search term and several similar ones is ideal strategy. Due to low competition for such search term your blog post will soon win the first place in Google without any serious efforts. Yeap, the traffic is not very impressive, but first of all the whole process is almost effortless and secondly there are hundreds or even thousands of such keywords to rank for. So with little efforts you will get a pretty nice traffic. And converting this traffic to your main page won’t be hard.

2. Help People Understand Their Needs

As I mentioned above, the company I work with sells such useful devices as cell phone jammers, but lots of potential buyers who are in need of a way to block cell phones or any other wireless devices have don’t know that such blocking device exist and even if they know that such device can be found, they don’t know how it is called. Once again, that’s the situation where official blog is highly useful.

Placing lots of informational posts and make them visible in search engines and social media helps to make a wide range of people familiar with your product. Even if some person has no intension to buy your product right now, he will return to your website whenever he needs such type of products or he might recommend your website to his friends. Proper blog campaign is a key to success in making people know about your brand.

3. SEO Rule #1 – Valuable Content Brings Links

If you have something interesting posted on your website people will want to share it with their friends, family, acquaintance, etc. And social sharing always results in getting lots of natural and highly valuable links for your website. Here is a nice example from my own experience: after analyzing all the keywords for our niche, we found out that lots of people were looking for info about how to create a signal jammer at home. And we decided to give them what they were looking for.

A post about creation process was published and in a few weeks we found lots of hiqh class links pointing to our website from such trusted resources like instructables and similar websites that deal with how-to guides. So we managed to gain high quality backlinks for our project with a single post.

All that should be said in conclusion is that sharing valuable content is the most effective strategy in modern online world. Give the people what they want and you will be rewarded!

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