To Start a Blog – or ?


So, you’re ready to start a blog, are you? Like many new bloggers, you probably already went through the big debate of which blogging platform to use. With so many options, it can be a little time-consuming researching which platform will suit you best. And since writing a blog is such a highly personal experience, ensuring you have the right blogging platform is extremely important. After all that back and forth you ended up deciding on WordPress… but which one? Do you go with or To help you out, here are some pros and cons for both: PROS

1. It’s Free is a free, open-source blogging platform. There are no startup fees, you just have to choose your domain name and start blogging.

2. It’s Simple

Figuring out how to write posts on takes very little time and is set-up to be as easy as possible.

3. It’s Protected

Automatic, who is responsible for the creation of WordPress, takes care of all the security for accounts. CONS

1. Domain Name

Your domain name will be www.(yourdomainnamehere) – which can end up being rather lengthy and hard for readers to remember.

2. Customization

You have to use the pre-made templates that provides, rather than using a custom-made one. PROS

1. Custom Domain

With you are self-hosting your blog and using the WOrdpress platform, which means that your domain name looks more like this: This is infinitely easier for readers to remember and looks more professional.

2. Customization

Because you own the domain, you’re able to either use a pre-made blogging template or create your own custom template.

3. Advertising

Since your blog is self-hosted you can add in advertising to your site, meaning you have the ability to generate a profit. CONS

1. Cost

There are fees involved with owning your own domain name and self-hosting a website. Generally you pay a monthly fee to self-host and an annual fee to own your own domain.

2. Technical Jargon

You need to be at least somewhat tech savvy to be able to navigate around setting up your domain, your host site, and your templates on your website.

The Conclusion

If you’re just looking to blog for fun, offers an easy way to do just that. However, if you’re interested in making money from your blog, you’ll want to take the time to set up a account. Both options are fairly easy to use and straightforward, and the WordPress team offers plenty of support to walk you through any speed bumps along the way.

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