ShareMeNot Stops Tracking Facebook Like Button


Do you know that online social buttons like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn can track your daily online browsing activities? But these days who reads all those lengthy agreements before we click on accept terms and conditions. So, every site which includes social buttons like Facebook like, twitter tweet, Google +1 buttons tracks your online browsing stuff even if you never click the buttons or even if you have third party cookies disabled. So what if you don’t want those site buttons to track your every move? One answer is the Firefox extension ShareMeNot.

ShareMeNot for Firefox is a tiny addon that lets you to keep your browsing history to yourself. It simply blocks or stops, prevents tracking your online browsing activities from the Facebook and other social sharing buttons, still letting you share stories on the webpage using the button.

Once installed, you can see a tiny sharemenot icon on the bottom of the firefox window panel. This will prevent third-party buttons (such as the Facebook “Like” button or the Twitter “tweet” button) embedded by sites across the Internet from tracking you until you actually click on them. Unlike traditional solutions, ShareMeNot does this without completely removing the buttons from the web experience.

You can access the ShareMeNot options via Tools > ShareMeNot > Manage Options.

Download ShareMeNot Firefox Addon

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