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Just found a interesting service & very cool idea that you can use to share your secrets for only once. Yes, the second time you hit the URL, it gets vanished. The logic is simple – You enter your secret (it can be a paragraph, passwords, numbers or anything) – generate a unique URI and share it with whom ever you want and the URI which you have shared can be seen only once. The next time they refresh the URI, it completely gets vanished.

One Time Secret app is similar to a note sharing app where you can send secure notes that can be readable only once. It is a one time readable text message service. You can simply paste a paragraph (secret phrase, a special link or adult joke etc) or you can enter your secret and a small password phrase that only when your recipient knows can open and see the secret message sent by you.

One time secret app can be used for sending people passwords and private links, when you send it via email or chat there is a enough chance to record the logs in many places, but with One time Secret app, the information persists for a single viewing which means it can’t be read by someone else later. This allows you to send sensitive information in a safe way knowing it’s seen by one person only.

For some, sending sensitive information using a 3rd party service, no matter what the privacy policy is, will not be an option, but you can just use this service for fun. Just sending out some messages to your friends, you can play a prank on them etc.

Here are some questions demanded from HN portal to the developers of One Time secret app – Do they do a secure delete of the contents of the webpages? Do they have strong physical protection around the server? Do they run up to date software so the machine can’t get taken over? and few more. But when it comes to applications from the trusted guys, we need to believe them and there is no way acting cheap.

One Time Secret App

Other Similar Services are : This Message Will Self Destruct , Whisper Passwords

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  1. Suraj Nair says:

    I had all the questions mentioned at the bottom of the post. :-) This app may reduce the use of IM at work.

  2. djtremolo says:

    Totally new for me. Could definitely come handy sometimes. But yeah, a little bit concerned about the security issues mentioned.

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