Schedule Automatic Foursqure Check-ins with Auto4Sq


Foursquare is a mobile application that lets you to tell your friends on the social networking sites as well as on foursquare where you are and also can find out where your friends are. Their recent activity, their favorite hangouts, tips on places and more. It runs with the help of GPS technology where it automatically locates your place and from there you can check-in on places such as restaurants, malls, offices, schools which are near by. It completely sets the users on gaming mood by adding badges, points, mayor for the places (when you frequently check-in the place) and total fun app.

So how to use Foursquare ? When ever you go out and visit places, switch on your GPS and data connection on your smart phone so that with the help of GPS, it locates your place and shows near by places such as restaurants, schools, hotels, malls and what ever. If you’re into a new store you can also create a new place for it on Foursquare so that some other user would be benefited when they visit in next time.

Now here we have a new app which supports Foursquare, mainly for the foursquare addicts who use it extensively. If you check-in with foursquare at the same place every day. Maybe work, maybe school, maybe your favorite quilting club. But sometimes you forget to check-in! No more. Schedule your foursquare check-ins with auto4sq app and it will automatically check you in each day at the same time.

The app is something similar to scheduling apps that we have seen for Twitter and Facebook to schedule status updates.

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Also a few days back we covered an app called Forecast app that allows you to do a similar job of scheduling or forecasting the places that you want to check in with foursquare.

Auto4Sq app allows you to schedule your Foursquare check in update. Simply go to Auto4sq app > login with your foursquare credentials > Choose a venue from your check-in history > Select the days/time for us to schedule your check-ins > Sit back and let the auto check-ins begin. Check out the video demo below.

How to Automatically Checkin Foursquare with Auto4Sq app

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