Red Notebook : Best App for Note Taking on Mac, Windows & Linux


We have seen lot of web based note taking apps and note taking browser extensions for Google chrome and Firefox that allows you to take notes quickly with a single tap. These third party applications are very helpful in effective note taking in meetings, class lectures, law school note taking etc. There are default programs in your Windows such as Notepad or MS Word, but these note taking apps offer you more features.

Today we are going to see ‘Red Notebook’ an advanced note taking program for Windows. Out of other best note taking programs on the web, Red Notebook note taking program stands out with some best features in it.

Red Notebook is a open source note taking software & cross platform note taking app, diary and your personal journal. As said cross platform, it can work on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. It is an advanced note taking software which includes a calendar system to navigate your notes easily. Apart from it, you can customizable templates, export functions to PDF, HTML, text etc.

As we have told you, Red Notebook can be used as your personal Journal, you can write dairy notes and save them. You can tag and it displays your tags as word cloud. With rich text format, you can insert images, links, mail addresses, an in-built spell checker, live search, automatic saving and above all, it’s completely light weight. Does not use heavy system resources. All the data is stored in plain text files, no database is needed.

It saves all your notes automatically when you type and also if your using Red Notebook as your journal, make sure you backup all your data regularly. You can simply hit the backup option and it saves your data in a zip format. You can also export your data in PDF, HTML or Text format.

The Live search feature on Red Notebook is cool. As you type, it shows the results with the keyword. You have different templates for quick insertion and taking notes in it. Templates such as call, help, journey etc are of such great use. Suppose, if you click the call template on your current note, a small piece of data is inserted with the entries such as person whom to call, time, topic, outcome and follow up etc. Suppose if you click journey template, then it shows date, location, participants, the trip, etc.

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