WordPress Plugin to Limit Size of Excerpts, Change length of Excerpts on WordPress Posts


What’s great about WordPress is that you can choose the size of excerpts of an article to be displayed on the home page. Previously we had told you about the difference between the WordPress.com and WordPress.org and also explained about the pros and cons of both the platform. With wordpress.org self hosted platform, its main advantage is usage of plugins that makes our work much easier. By default on WordPress all your articles get displayed fully without a small excerpt displayed and a read more link to it.

Adding it manually can be done easily, but for non-techies they prefer WordPress plugins that does the job in one click install. If you want to know “How to limit the size of the post excerpt without using a plugin” then here you go. If you want to show a small piece of excerpts on your wordpress home page, then all you need to do is, just change a value in your index.php file.

On your index.php file, you can simply find the line <?php the_content(); ?> and change it to <?php the_excerpt(); ?> that’s it. from now, it will show only the post excerpts with the first 55 characters from the posts.

How to set excerpts length in WordPress

As told above, by default, the wordpress sets post excerpts as 55 chars, if you want to increase your post excerpts as it will look good in your theme, then you can change the excerpts length in wordpress easily.

Go to functions.php file in your theme template.

Just above the closing <?php } ?> tag add the following code:

add_filter(‘excerpt_length’, ‘my_excerpt_length’);
function my_excerpt_length($length) {
return 70; }

Change 70 to the length you would like the WordPress excerpt to be. that’s it.

If you don’t want to mess up with your theme and templates, then simply try using a plugin that limits the size of your wordpress excerpts length automatically on each and every posts in WordPress.

With WP Limit Posts Automatically, you can set a size “maximum” to each of your articles. This plugin is useful because it allows you to avoid the change of each article published in your blog.

Once you’ve installed, you can find the WP limit posts options on your settings. WordPress dashboard > settings > WP limit Posts options.

Now get into the options panel and choose your preferences. You can prefer your items limited by the number of words, number of letters or by paragraph etc. I always prefer to limit the excerpts by paragraphs. You can also choose where it should limit your posts (home, category, archive and search). If you have some images, videos and links in your excerpts, then it can simply strip down them and limit the posts.

Download WP Limit Posts Automatically WordPress Plugin

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