How to Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts in Firefox


If you have a Gmail Email and you computer’s default browser is Firefox, then here is a super Firefox addon that allows you gmail manage multiple accounts. With this addon, managing multiple gmail accounts is so easy. Manage multiple emails in your Gmail with filters, labels etc. Managing multiple email accounts in Firefox with Gmail manager Firefox addon.

The Gmail multiple inbox lets you to check multiple email accounts and sync multiple gmail accounts in Firefox. Gmail manager Firefox addon tackles no matter how many email accounts you add. You can simply add, receive and reply emails from several accounts simultaneously. If your default browser is firefox and primary email account is Gmail, then you gotta try this.

Once you’ve added several email accounts, it shows account details including unread messages, saved drafts, spam messages, labels with new mail, space used, and new mail snippets. It also supports for gmail hosted accounts, ability to import/export account preferences etc.

With just one click, you can compose or check out emails. Once you’ve installed, go to settings > enter the gmail username and password. Don’t forget to tick in the option “use secure connection when logging in”. You can simply add how many ever accounts you want.

This extension supports composing email on Gmail using the right click context menu option. On the right bottom status bar of Firefox screen, you can find the Gmail icon with unread message count. You can click it to find out other details such as mail accounts which are added, number of unread msgs etc.

Download Gmail Manager for Firefox

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