How to Get Google Reader Old Interface back ?


Google has revamped their Gmail and Google reader interface yesterday. Many people hates the new changes in Google reader user interface. They even don’t mind about Gmail’s new change in UI, but when their real social tool reader’s interface was changed, most of them got irritated to the new interface. One of the Ex Product manager for Google reader, Brian Shih has posted a scathing on Google reader’s new change in interface. The liveliness of reader’s interface with Blue headlines has been destroyed and more of white space added with greyish everywhere makes it a big disaster. Let’s find out a solution to handle this and here are few greasemonkey addons and extensions that lets you to bring back the old interface of Google reader.

How to Get back Google Reader Old Interface

At present, we have stumbled 3 chrome extensions that brings almost the old interface of Google reader back. Let’s check out them below.

Fix Google Reader White Space

First clear out all the unwanted more white space in Google reader interface. Here is a simple chrome extension that fixes all the whitespace on the new Google Reader.


ReaderStyle : Shrinks Size of Google reader header

This extension fixes the white space and also moves all the top navigation buttons such as mark as read, feed settings and stuff to your right side. So that it shrinks the header size and makes it more comfortable. Removes the white space and shrinks the header when used in widescreen monitors also. Do not use this extension if your resolution width is less than 1280px.


Marginal De-uglification of Reader

It brings back the old blue headlines in Google reader and links in entries. The new Google reader interface shows all the headlines and links inside the post in greyish color. This extension brings back the old blue color in headlines and links in the post. Also tones down the “selected item” indicator, Makes the toolbars smaller, saving 40 vertical pixels, and makes the list view more compact.


If you come across few more extensions and userscripts to get the old interface back, do share with us through comments.

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  1. Not only does ReaderStyle not work in low resolution displays, it also doesn’t work in smaller windowed (non-full screen) views. And more problematic for me, the PostRank extension seems to make it freak out. The others are interesting though.

  2. I just posted a solution to getting back the old style today on my blog:

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