How To Create an Android Theme


For a noob, design an android theme is a tough task. Creating custom themes for android and earning money by selling android theme is a nice idea. But how to create an android theme quickly with some basic android user knowledge. You can easily develop themes for android. Previously we had told you how to avoid the default boring homescreen on android, by installing home replacement app such as ADW launcher or Launcher pro apps which can be customized according to your interest where you can add widgets, change everthing the way they look.

Today we have another home replacement app called Panda – that allows you to setup 11 pages of screen and 6 dockbars with the lot of options to customize, expand the screen, support themes, skins, allows you to import/export themes, quick app management, light weight totally. So, let’s check out how to create an android theme using Panda Theme maker.

As a noob who feels very tough to create android theme, basically don’t want to mess up with the PNG’s, XML’s and all things that might be required to make something yourself. With this Panda Android Theme Creator, which is totally a web based one, you can quickly create an android theme.

The web app shows a interactive device which is based on android on the left screen which changes with your changes as you build your theme and on the right screen you have the option of starting from scratch and building your theme.

All you need to do is just two things :

1. Download and Install 91 Panda Home Launcher Application. Just search for ’91 Panda Home’ in app market, it’s free.

2. Next, open the Panda Theme Maker (web app) – Start creating your android theme.

We are going to see the second step on how to create an android theme using Panda Theme maker. As I have told you, Panda theme maker is a simple web app that has two things. A proto type of android device which reflects the changes as we make and right screen with options to make changes to create our own android theme.

In ‘Panda Theme Maker’ – it lets you to do two things. One is to create a new android theme for your Panda Home replacement app, the next thing is to download the android themes which are created by the company and other users. You can view the android themes, edit them and also download them.

Once you’ve downloaded the android theme (which is in apt format), you can simply import into the Panda home replacement app.

You can simply double click or drag the icons on the right screen to replace ‘my theme’ icon on your left on the device.

Once you’re done customizing everything, simply hit the generate button, enter your theme name, version number name etc.

Generate the theme, download the apk file. Simple, isn’t it ? Go, Give a try.

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  1. tushar says:

    can i upload the downloaded apk file to android market as a paid application.
    do i need to upload a manifest file ,where can i get it and how will i include it in application.

  2. Amebade says:

    Yea! This article would’ve been complete had it gone into how to upload it to the Android Marketplace to be downloaded and with what Launcher program.

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