How To Build Million Dollar Business on YouTube


Recently read an article on Google blog about Orabrush story – A man from Utah used YouTube to market his product which turned him to a multi-million dollar business. Yes, that’s the effect of YouTube marketing. If you’re active on social sites like twitter/facebook, You must be knowing how these India cinema makers try to promote their film on YouTube (Ra-one) and now this Sony music YouTube channel has made a video gone viral on YouTube – Yes, you guessed it right – Why this kolaveri di. Similarly many rage music videos such as Rebecca black friday and more has gone viral and made huge profits from YouTube.

You shouldn’t under rate marketing on YouTube. It has got lot of potential to turn your empty business into a multi-million dollar business. Using Google tools to build a successful business, Google blog has covered a story of Orabrush. The Utah entrepreneur used YouTube to build a market for his tongue cleaner product, the Orabrush. Let me brief you the story – Dr.BOB creates the Orabrush product, but struggles to market it. After spending much money on television ads that brought him almost no customers, he gets introduced to the world of digital marketing by a marketing student and he tries to market his product Orabrush on YouTube. $500 was spent on creating his first video to market Orabrush.

The first video ad which he created to market his product Orabrush built a loyal following. The video got more than 43 million+ views and 160,000+ subscribers to his product. After few months, he made 1 million sales of Orabrush online. Now today he has online sales reached 40+ countries. So never underestimate YouTube to market your products. Now the vital thing is, How to market your product on YouTube ? What are the YouTube Marketing Secrets that one should know about ?

YouTube videos lets you to take your product directly to front of people and get a honest response. When you put yourself into the shoes of a customer, you can bring up with a great product video and it will have the potential to attract the people. Just remember, to make a video go viral on YouTube – the video should be tagged under any of the 3 things. 1)Very Catchy 2)Humorous 3)Controversial. It should demand attention from the people.

Remember your target audience and create the video. Convey the message properly and never make your product video more than 3 minutes (people get bored). Just target the correct audience and hit it right. I have seen some mobile phone ads on YouTube, that doesn’t even talk about mobile phone features or its specs. The first minute of the video talks about something else or just showoffs etc. An effective interaction with your customers will make your product a hit.

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  1. Suraj Nair says:

    There should also be a good background music to keep the viewers interested in it

  2. Nice post! You got me researching on Orabrush. I thought that youtube is just one lane for strategic video marketing. Well yes, but using only youtube? This is inspiring! Thanks again!

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