How To Add More Beauty to Facebook Timeline Cover Photos?


Last month, Facebook has revamped their profile view design. The launch of Timeline Profile view is currently for developers account and soon to be activated to all the profiles. Talking about the Facebook banners for profiles, we had already discussed about How to create profile banners for Facebook accounts and also reviewed few online apps that lets you to create Facebook banners to your old Facebook profile designs. Also mentioned the best Facebook banner designs of Facebook profiles. With the new timeline view, you can add cover photos to your Facebook profile. Let’s check out how to add more beauty to your Timeline Cover photos.

Facebook Timeline Profile view lets you to add cover photo on top of the profile to express yourself with a big banner behind your profile picture to showcase your interest, activities etc. New Facebook banners online app allows you to create a more creative timeline banner to impress all of your friends. Still if you haven’t activated the timeline view for your Facebook profiles, check out this tutorial for activating the Facebook timeline view.

With New Facebook banners app, you can browse through exisiting gallery to find out your favorite cover photo, with that you can edit, add your creativity. Else, you can try out with the new editor with blank image of cover photo. You can add text, draw lines, fill colors, upload photos, background images, symbols etc. You can also brighten images, adjust saturation, hue, contrast etc.

Finally you can save the image to your desktop PC, add it to your Facebook cover images, attract your friends.

Cool New Facebook banners for Timeline Cover Photos

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    Hey thanks for sharing the info. It would be great to customize your cover photo.

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