Get Share button with New Google Reader Redesign


A friend of mine (shankargan) tweeted that he is okay with the new Google reader redesign, but misses the ‘Share’ button so much. Previously when Google rolled out the new design for Google reader, we told you about ‘How to get back the Google reader Old interface with the help of few chrome extensions’ and today we have a special chrome extension that does the job of bringing back the share button to the new Google reader.

As already discussed, the new Google reader design occupies more of white space and bold buttons instead of the content which is needed much. The content is pushed down and more white space, unwanted buttons are displayed at top bar etc. To remove certain things, here are few chrome extensions that brings back your Old Google reader interface but not completely.

Today we have a tiny chrome extension that brings you the share button to your new Google reader interface. It lets you to easily post the articles to your shared items with one click.

Reader Sharer extension for Google chrome allows you to send the article to your shared items. Not only that, it also enables the “People you follow” view, Notes view, “Your liked items” view. For sharing an item you can use the keyboard shortcut of (Shift+s). Share/delete an item with note (keyboard shortcuts: Shift + D). Like/unlike an item (keyboard shortcuts: L).

This extension supports the new Google reader interface both list and expanded view. It simply recovers some old style for improving readability. Want to improve more – check out these Google reader extensions for Chrome.

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