Find Places to Explore on Road Trip With Help of Foursquare


Are you planning a road trip with your friends? and looking out for places to explore, have fun on the way ? Then with the help of foursquare you can do it. Already Foursquare lets you to find out near by places with the help of GPS tracking your current location and displaying the near by hangouts. But, this tiny app called ‘On the Way’ lets you to plan ahead of places to visit on the way road trip. Yes, with support from Google maps & Foursquare – it shows places to explore between two points.

On The Way is a small web app that helps you find the interesting stuff that’s on the way. All you need to do is, just enter the starting point and the ending point of your trip. Connect your Foursquare account with Ontheway app. Once done, just hit the enter button to show the palces that’s on the way.

It will display the results with places that are on the way & best explored with the help of Foursquare. You can hover it to find out the details on Foursquare. Why the app asks you to connect with Foursquare ? As foursquare is growing virally, it has many unexplored places, reviews and ratings with photographs of the places. So it will help you to plan your trip better.

The idea is really simple and effective, because once we specify the path to do, to get from point A to point B, it just shows you the stops that we go about doing every X miles, with the advantage that in each section warn us of the most popular Foursquare, which stop restaurants, service areas, etc.. The best thing about this idea is that it uses the collective intelligence of users, to automatically recommend the best places to find the way, so this tool can become our best friend when planning to travel.

Try On the way app – For Foursquare addicts.

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  1. Handy app this. Hope it’s quicker than the Foursquare default ‘Find nearby location’ feature.

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