Find Free Open WiFi Networks, WiFi Hotspots on iPhone with Foursquare


If you’re leaving home or travelling to other cities, you should know about places that you can connect to free open wifi networks that lets you enjoy free access to internet. But how do you find free open wifi networks ? With the help of Foursquare – a location based social networking site that allows you to find more places, reviews, where users can checkin the place they visit with gaming points, mayorships etc. So, based on Foursquare, the GPS technology it locates your current place and shows available free open wifi networks around you.

4SqWifi is a simple iPhone app that enables you to find out the places near by you that are available with free open wifi networks. It shows the list of available open wifi networks with their password. Not restricted to any particular area, Worldwide.

Why should one use this app when they can directly browse through the foursquare venue tips to find out the free wifi hotspots ? It isn’t practical to go search tips one by one and find out the near by location that offers free wifi, so this app filters all the unwanted noise and lets you to find one easily.

It is so simple to use the application. All you need to do is, just open the app, find the foursquare location that are available with free wifi hotspots with passwords and get into it. Simple. But considering the drawback of the app is that, the app doesn’t confirm us about free wifi hotspots, it just collects information from the foursquare venue tips, so it may have a chance that the tips are old and passwords may not work.

It collects the information based on the foursquare API and its user generated venue tips. A pretty cool tool. Give it a try: it’s free, it’s fun, it’s easy. You’ll love it.


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