Download Firefox 8 For Windows, Mac & Linux


Firefox major release version Firefox 8 is officially planned to launch today on nov.8’2011. But, its as usual available on their FTP servers a bit early.You can get it from their FTP servers right away and enjoy the latest version of Firefox – your favorite browser. What’s special in Firefox 8 ? The new features on Firefox 8 ? let’s take a look.

The new Firefox 8 comes with a stability and performance fixes and also a integrated twitter search on address bar. The additional feature on Firefox 8 is that, after a quick restart – the tabs can be loaded at a user’s request. Improved addon management and security. Add-ons installed by third party programs are now disabled by default.

The problems on Firefox 7 such as Memory use are fixed on the new version Firefox 8. Some extensions may not work with the new version of Firefox 8, so be careful before downloading if you completely rely on Firefox browser as primary usage.

If you’re in a hurry to experience the new Firefox 8, then you can download it from their FTP servers which are getting a hard hit by now as the links are leaked all over the web. If you can wait some more time, then download the official release in few hours.

Download Firefox 8 for Windows, For Mac & For Linux

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