Create Custom Home Screen with Multiple Tabs on Windows 7


If you have owned a smartphone, then you could have easily understood it by now. On Android, iPhone you have this home screen splitted into 5 or 7 home screens, there by you can fit your apps on the home screen for easy usage – like a shortcut which you create it on your desktop/laptop home screen. Similarly have you tried customizing your home screen on Windows desktop or laptops ?

You can easily customize your Windows home screen like on your smartphone home screens. You can easily add multiple tabs and remove clutter from your Windows home screen. Add upto 10 tabs on your home screen, keep switching back and forth with these multi home screen on your Windows screen. You can simply group applications to different home screens and there by have a productive computing environment.

Multi-Tabber application provides easy and efficient way of group and organizing open application on your task-bar. You can open upto 10 multiple tabs or virtual desktops. You have the controls right below your screen numbered 1.2.3 and so on. So just switch on using numbers to that panel and open apps.

Once you’ve installed Multi-tabber, double click the shortcut which is created on your desktop. Multi-tabber opens and you can find a red color notification number circles at the bottom of your screen. You can also add more virutal desktops by right clicking the app on the taskbar > options and select the number of tabs. Check out the demo video below.

Download Multi-Tabber

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  1. Chris says:

    Nice app! If you could get it to act completely like a smart phone, that would make it even better. Meaning, all short cuts, widgets etc are independant to their home screen. Also, if you could figure out a way to toggle screen changes using mouse gestures, I’d pay you $30 for the app!

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