Check Your Website on Mobile Phone with Opera Mini Stimulator


How does your site look from a cellphone with Opera mini browser ? Opera mini is considered as one of best mobile web browsers and been used by millions of people on their mobile phones right from symbian, android, iOS etc. So, as a webmaster you should optimize your website interface to mobile users.

Here we have discussed about the benefits of having a mobile interface for your blog/website and how to make a mobile blog? Also, if you’re using WordPress platform, we had already told you about the WordPress Mobile pack plugin that creates a wordpress mobile site. For other users, you can create a mobile site with MobStac B.

Opera Mini Stimulator is a simple web app or service from the Opera mini team providing webmasters and users to get a clear perspective as see a given page from the Opera Mini in a Cell. Opera mini stimulator needs a java installed on your computer to run. You can download Java console from the official site and get installed on your computer.

Opera Mini Stimulator

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