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By now you all may be using the social network from Google – The Google+. We reported when Google launched it’s facebook competitor social network Google+ along with its official android app for Google+ on mobile. But there are certain third party apps that makes more fun with Google plus usage. Today we are going to see 3 best apps for Google plus apart from the official one.

Previously we had told you about many extensions, tricks on Google plus such as having Facebook cricles with hack circles app and Google plus extensions for Chrome & Firefox and also 5 ways to Get vanity URL for Google plus profiles etc. A special shout out to Google plus desktop app that makes it easy to browse and use Google plus.

If you’re planning to start a seperate Google plus related stuff as a blog, then Google plus look alike WordPress theme and some related Google plus WordPress plugins to play with. Let’s check out some android apps based on Google plus network.

Google Plus Helper

Google plus helper – it does what the title says. It will help you with all the Google+ tips, tricks, shortcuts, secrets, news.


Google+ Keyboard Skin

This is a reall HD keyboard skin which you must use it from inside any keyboard replacement app. This is not an individual app, its a theme which you should use it from a keyboard replacement app such as better keyboard, smart keyboard pro, ultra keyboard, perfect keyboard, TSwipe-Pro keyboard replacement apps. This is a “Real HD” keyboard skin- no blurry edges, no artifacts.


Google Plus ADW Theme

The Plus ADW theme for android will bring you a homescreen experience to mirror the one you are getting with the Plus website and application. When you use this theme, you get a graphically enhanced action bar that works in both portrait and landscape. It also includes Google plus based wallpapers, dock and icons etc.


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