About Our Work : Mix of LinkedIn and About.me


Do you own a small business and looking to spread your business among Internet users and social networking options to make your business connections easy right? Wrong. Thankfully, now here is a better way called About Our Work – a platform that lets you to create a page for your small business with lot of business profiles, connections and analytics too. Have you heard about About.me service that allows you to create a personal portfolio kind of page to display who you’re and what you do. Similar kind of service for small businesses.

About Our Work is a professional network designed solely for small businesses. It brings together in one place the best of the professional social network LinkedIn and About.me personal pages, although in this case oriented business world. With their simple interface and usage options stands out of the crowd among other social network for busniesses.

It is simple as that. Create a small business profile for your company. Connect with businesses you want to work with. Grow your business. You need to first choose from the customizable designed themes to create your business page. Add your business connections to get a better understanding of your company and the companies it keeps. Connect with other business via About our work and establish a meaningful connections.

It also shows some business analytics such as you can track down the number of visitors for your business page. You can also track the referrals, make a list of incoming connections etc. Simple business page to grow your business on the web. Check out the directory of About Our Work to find more about other business pages – start creating one now.

About Our Work

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