5 Signs of Smartphone Addiction


Are you worried you’re a Smartphone addict ? With the rise of Smartphone users with their iPhones, Blackberry or Android phones they connect to internet all day, tweet from work, never turn off their phone, Facebooking, do checkins in all the places they go and so much more. To find out if you suffer this new addiction, below are some 5 symptoms or signs of smartphone addiction. Some facts before we tell about the signs of addiction. 5 in 10 people confessed to being addicted to their mobile phones. 35% of mobile phone users own a Smartphone.

Some common activties of Smartphone users are 44% access the internet, 23% use for social networking, 38% send and receive emails, 73% take photos, 73% use it for text messaging. Ok, let’s talk about the signs of Smartphone addiction.

If you find yourself in any of the below points and if it applies to you, then maybe it’s time to grab a Offline day.

If you’re a person who uses smartphones while in the toilet.

If you’re a person who never turn off the mobile at any reason. Facts says about 40% people have their handsets 24/7.

If you sleep with your phones by your bedside, then you’re one among 83% of Smartphone addicts.

If you can send text messages blindfolded or often send text messages, then you’re a smartphone addict.

When you try to make calls even in quiet places such as Library or cinema hall. If you post social networking updates such as tweets or facebook status updates in work meetings.

If you pull out your phones wantedly at parties/social gatherings to avoid social interactions. If you use your smartphone instead of watching TV.

If you getup in the midnight to check your twitter/facebook.

So, here are some random things for smartphone addiciton. To avoid it, one should occasionally switch off their phones. If you have something to add it up, do leave your comments below.

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  1. Suraj Nair says:

    Apart from “blindfolded text message” everything implies in my case. I think I’m super addict. Also, uploading pics in facebook with the sole intention of tagging can also be a sign of addiction.

  2. Jass says:

    I am too falls into the category of smart phone addicts. As I am using Samsung Galaxy S from last 4 months and its really not spearing me for a min I need just few seconds of free time in my work and I get busy with updating my social networking or playing Angry birds.

  3. JonathanN says:

    I am so addicted!!! I’m a huge fan of smartphones! I have 4 !!!

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