5 Beautiful Resume Website Blogger Templates


How about showcasing your resume as a website ? If some one asks for your resume, you can just send them your website URL, how cool is that ? Something that seems like a very good idea to consider, at least for somepeople who are related to internet or a freelancer (web designer, web developers, etc) to showcase their portfolio/resume and more. If you’re a freelancer and don’t want to spend too much money on hosting etc, then simply buy a domain for a dollar and you can use blogger platform to host your website. You can create a blogger blog and redirect to a custom domain. In blogger, it is easy to map a custom domain with a blogspot blog.

Today we have 5 beautifully designed resume templates for showcasing your activities, academics, talents, portfolio of your works, contact details etc. Creating a resume website will be helpful mainly for freelancers who work on the internet and other general users. Let’s check out some resume website blogger templates.

Brown Flyer

Brown flyer is a cool CV template with 3 columns. It has a dark background where you can upload custom avatar, auto generate social media list, auto display percent of skill list bar and with lighting speed of loading pages.

Download Brown Flyer

White Sim

This is a white clean background resume template with professional effects and clean design. Has a smooth scroll up and down and custom header with jQuery Tooltips. It provides you with a printer button that lets visitors to print your resume directly from the website.

Download White Sim

Black Fade

A professional resume / vCard for everybody who love black style, simple and clearance.This template is very easy to used and have a good layout for your employer can handle what you done.

Download Black Fade

Blue Paper

Another light background template with clear interface and bold font style. “Make it simple” is the target of this design and it will become a ticket for your new job.

Download Blue Paper

Slide Tab

Have you seen the featured slider on website/blogs ? It looks similar, the resume template is just holds 5 big sliders of tabs. The layout of this template make its content become short and easy to understand.

Download Slide Tab

If you find some more templates for resume websites, then feel free to share it with us. Do you want resume templates/themes for WordPress ? Watch out for our posts coming soon.

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  1. Malina says:

    Alguien sabe donde han ido a parar estas plantillas? porque el blog del creador ya no existe, tampoco las demo :((

  2. The White Sim looks serious eye candy. Thanks for the share. appreciated.

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