10 Sites to Learn, Find JavaScript Codes, JavaScript Sources


Javascript is a scripting language that is primarily used in the form of client side scripts to run part of web browser in order to provide the best user interface and dynamic websites. Some people find more time to learn javascript and write scripts on their own, others can find scripts on the internet and just use them on your projects. Today we have collected a list of 10 websites that provides you javascript codes that you can use it instantly where ever you need it.

Here are 10 sites that can help programmers as well freelancers who are specific in building codes to generate javascript easily.

10 Useful Resources to Find, Learn JavaScript Codes

Javascript Kit :

It offers ready to use javascript codes for programmers to insert directly into their projects in Free Javascripts category and also has many categories related to javascript codes. It has tutorials section, applets and coding forums for more help.

Dynamic Drive :

Apart from the javascript tutorials, this site uses set of practical tools to use as favicon generator, image optimizer. It also provides js codes for images and games.

Internet Javascript :

Another javascript site that helps programmers and Javascript code seekers with lot of javascript codes and make it attractive to build their sites.

Java-Scripts :

A great little place to find cool, Useful, and free javascripts for your site! All free javascripts on this site come with easy-to-follow installation instructions, Along With a live demonstration. Just pick a category such as javascript for redirects, windows, images, frames, alerts, calendars, forms, links, popups and more.

Free Javascripts :

Another site with javascript codes ready for use at free of charge and easily with installation instructions. One can find the codes to display example the time, games, graphics, and many others.

Javascript City :

Similar to the above talked ones, this javascript resource factory has lot of javascript ready to use codes right from games, image scripts, password scripts, browser information, forms, alerts, prompts, graphics etc.

Hot Scripts :

A real and large library of all types of language including the javascript. It offers thousands of free javascript codes for many uses.

Javascript Coder :

Scripts :

Here you can find scripts for almost any programming language such as asp, c, c++, cold fusion, javascripts, perl, php, python and more.

Javascript Script Search :

With more than 1000 javascript codes and other codes with descriptions to see what they do.

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  1. Nice website especially for coders like me… Thanks for sharing..

  2. Kailash says:

    Check out http://codeacademy.com which uses javascript to teach programming to people who want to learn programming from scratch.. Uses game mechanics, badges, etc.

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