10 Features in New Gmail You Need to Know


Recently Google has been revamping all their services such as Gmail, Google reader, YouTube etc. With the launch of new Gmail interface few days back, here are some 10 new things that one should look out for in the new change in interface of Gmail. Although it will take some time to like the new interface, but am sure the changes are made up for lot more productiveness. Here are few highlights of the New Gmail interface.


The new interface of Gmail is really cool and clean. With all the grey shades which Google is implementing on all their services includes Gmail too. The simple neat interface with lot of white spaces, where the button text is replaced by icons (which helps for primary users but not others) but with time goes by one don’t need of any text alternative and they get used to interpret and, above all, learn where everything is.

HD Themes

Gmail themes now provides you with High Definition themes or high quality of background images to your gmail user interface, making your inbox look a lot more. Gmail themes are dynamic, when you set your location in your Gmail settings, it will display a landscape theme for day and dark night fall theme on night based on the climatic conditions it sets your mood.

Quick access to Labels

In the previous interface, you need to scroll down or do few clicks to get the labels and important functions. Now with the new interface you get direct access to important functions just by hovering the mouse over the line. Important functions such as label, list of folders, bookmarks, drafts, sent items, gtalk chat etc. From this new feature, user can control the length of the lists and control the visibilty range.

Screen Changes

You can change the Gmail interface according to your computer screen. It gives you the option to set your interface to fit the screen. The option is located near the upper right corner with a button where you can switch between three interface such as normal (default), comfortable and compact. Check with the changes yourself.

Advanced Search

The search function in the gmail new interface is improved with lot more functions. You can search for a mail with advanced search metrics like from which folder, or sender’s name, recipient, subject, message content or seniority, ie, all possible parameters that we can also transform into a filter that can be used in other occasions.

Threaded Replies

The new conversation to the email will be displayed in a threaded view with photos and profile link if the person is already in your contacts list. This is more helpful when you get email with multiple recipients and multiple response – you get slightly confused whom to reply, so with threaded view along with photos, it would be easy.

If you’re still using the old version of Gmail, you can simply switch to the new gmail interface with a tap of link on bottom right corner of your Gmail page.

Also if you’ve already in the new Gmail interface, you can leave your feedback where you find the option to change to the new interface link on the right corner. It displays a link to the feedback form that is use to discuss the things we liked and that would change the new Gmail, so if you want to tell the Gmail team change your views on the form is waiting.

The new Gmail version is available to Google Apps email, so that users can activate and enjoy all the features.

If you ever want to switch back to the older interface, just hit the button configuration on the top right of the page( where you use it to change comfort, cozy conditions) you can find the option to revert back to old interface.

I’m not sure how long they will be holding the old interface, start now and get used to the new interface which helps you alot more.

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    I’m glad Gmail is adding this new feature. And thanks for sharing this great info article.

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