Unique Way to Search for Images : Based on Color with Multicolr


Usually we search for images using keywords on Google image search, Flickr or any other photo sharing service. But instead of searching for images by keyword, have you ever searched for images based on the colors. Suppose, if you want to theme an event based on the color Red, blue or any color of your interest, then how will you search for images based on colors. Here is a unique app that specializes in displaying images based on your color input.

Multicolr is a simple web app from the Idee Inc search labs. It allows you to search for images based on your color inputs. You can choose upto 5 colors and based on the main color, the images are displayed from the flickr ‘interesting’ section under creative commons license.

Multicolr lab uses Piximilar visual search technology which can search the collection by colour. It doesn’t require keywords or metadata for searching images, it retrieves visually similar images. It also considers colour, shape, texture, luminosity, complexity, objects and regions.

Another interesting way to search images using the reverse technology. Upload an image and find out where it originated from. You can find the actual image posted first on the net. One of the famous service for reverse image technology is TinyEye.

You can check out the review of Tinyeye which we posted long back.

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